Colorizer is a tool for the creation of new color themes for the Squareness skins and themes.

Creation of a color theme

Creation of new color themes is very easy. In the table on the upper left side you see the different colors that can be changed. Click on one of those colors and you'll see it in a bigger box with a sometimes more detailed description below the table. Below this is a color chooser. Select a new color. You'll see how this change affects the look of a typical window on the right side.

If you are content with your new theme, you can save it. The file menu contains an item "Save". Clicking on it will bring up a dialog where you can select into which file to save the theme. The theme you are saving here is a meta theme. It contains all the color adjustments you made, no matter for which specific theme they may be. Files of this sort have the suffix "smt" for "Squareness Meta Theme"

Generation of a specific theme can be achieved through "Generate Color Schemes" in the File menu. Currently only the generation of themes and theme packages for the Java Look And Feel are possible, but generation of Windowblinds subskins will follow.