Switching Back To A Standard Start Panel

The latest Squareness for Windowblinds comes with a compact start panel. Some people don't like compact start panels. If you are one of them read the following instructions on how to get a standard sized start panel:

  1. Open Squareness for Windowblinds in SkinStudio
  2. In the "Explorer"-view on the left side go to Start Panel -> User Pane
  3. In the "Section"-view on the right side click on "Size of the User Pane"
  4. Type in 380 for the width in the editor at the bottom of the SkinStudio window
  5. Accordingly change "Size of the Bottom Bar" in Start Panel -> Bottom Bar to 380
  6. Accordingly change "Size of the Places List" in Start Panel -> Places List to 190
  7. Press "CTRL+S" or click on the "Save" item in the "File"-menu
  8. Press "Shift+F9" or click on the seventh button in the toolbar ("Apply the skin")
  9. Your start panel should have the standard size now.

Changing The Window Background Color

Some people dislike the bright beige color dominating in Squareness. Since Squareness for WindowBlinds is color aware the this color can easily be changed:

  1. Open the "WindowBlinds Configuration"
  2. Locate the Squareness skin on left and right scrolling list at the bottom of the Skins-screen
  3. Right-click on Squareness in that list and select "Change skin colour" from the appearing menu
  4. Now a new window with the title "Change skin colour..." will appear
  5. Enable the checkbox "Enable custom colour support"
  6. In the center of the window you'll find some sliders to that can be used to change the color. You can also click on "Change color..." to choose the color in Windows' standard color dialog
  7. Click on the "Apply changes" to set the color.

Take a look at the following samples for some inspiration. They are annotated with the RGB-values used to create them: