2.0 (16-Sep-2006)

  • Ported to UIS2
  • Fixed horizontal taskbar. Now for real
  • Added new colored tabs
  • Fixed spin buttons. Now they look like they should - in most applications at least.

1.8 (30-Dec-2004)

  • Fixed taskbars. They looked ugly somehow. Now they are a bit thinner and look much better
  • Changed start panel to compact form
  • Fixed toolbar button text display. This looked especially ugly in SkinStudio.
  • There is no "small buttons" subskin anymore. The buttons of the currently only skin use the smaller font now. It just works better this way. No need to switch the subskin for special programs
  • Added flat progress bars (This uses the progress bar xp feature of Windowblinds 4.4, which doesn't work on all progress bars)
  • Added MDI window buttons
  • Added Menuitem extras (arrows, checked and radio markers)
  • Added support for skin colorizing
  • Fixed several smaller issues in ShellStyle
  • Several smaller fixes

1.2 (08-Mar-2004)

  • Added substyle "Small Button Font" that uses a somewhat smaller font for buttons. The substyle is meant to be used with .net applications since they need such small fonts for buttons to look good.

1.1 (01-Feb-2004)

  • Fixed typo "DefaulFont" to "DefaultFont"
  • Removed offending or unknown properties
  • Fixed tabs appearance
  • Fixed TrackBar appearance
  • Added ToolWindow skinning
  • Added ToolBar Vertical Separator and Horizontal Line (Don't know which apps use them)

1.0 (23-Dec-2003)

  • first release