Java Look And Feel

2.3.0 (08-Dec-2006)

  • Now distributed under a BSD-style license.
  • Auditory feedback is now possible with Squareness. Squareness makes use of the sounds provided with Metal to make this possible

2.2.0 (12-Mar-2006)

  • Newest significantly changed Laf-Plugin integrated
  • Further TabbedPane performance improvements
    • Repaints were minimized
    • Repaints that affect only the tabs area a specifically handled.

2.1.0 (30-Dec-2005)

  • Integrated the Laf-Plugin (See )
  • Made some performance adjustments
    • SquarenessTabbedPaneUI: only the region of the tab is repainted for mouse over effects and not the entire tabbed pane
    • SquarenessScrollBarUI: only the thumb is repainted for mouse over effects
  • Progress Bars not have the one pixel margin between the progress chunk and the border of the progress bar
  • SquarenessTheme now has one additional method isDark that must be implemented in subclasses. This will probably be usefull for plugin authors.
  • The left and right components of a splittpane don't get an extra border anymore. In most cases those extra borders only cluttered the UI without being helpful.

2.0.2 (30-Mar-2005)

  • Fixed two issues with look and feel decorated windows
    • The title of dialogs was not displayed
    • The preffered height of a window calculated wrongly, resulting with overly high windows with possibly ugly laid out components.

2.0.1 (29-Dec-2004)

  • Applied patch " [ 1065804 ] Patch for SquarenessButtonPainter.paintBorderlessButton()" with small modifications.
  • Fixed bug " [ 1092257 ] JDialog does not work"

2.0 (19-Sep-2004)

  • theme support
  • new RootPaneUI
  • Updated InternalFrameUI
  • Fix for bug [ 1017901 ] An undecorated frame doesn't update properly with 1.1.1

1.1.1 (22-May-2004)

  • Fixed bug 958104 (Menu arrows don't follow an orientation policy)
  • Border for JFrame in all its occurences is now defined

1.1 (04-Apr-2004)

  • Fixed menu and menu item appearance.

1.0 (09-Mar-2004)

  • jEdit rollover buttons get special handling
  • Caption buttons are now spaced correctly on internal frames
  • Frame icon is suppressed on internal frames
  • Added grippers, rollover effect and pressed effect for scroll bars
  • Fixed painting of filled track on sliders
  • Fixed spinner appearance
  • Fixed painting of unselected tabs: The separator is not painted for a tab that is either the last in a run or the last before the selected tab
  • Added rollover effect for unselected tabs
  • The used fonts are now a bit smaller (11pt) and plain.
  • All arrow icons are now painted
  • Added definition of metal primary and secondary colors for applications that depend on them.

0.6 (23-Dec-2003)

  • First release
  • Seems to be stable for me
  • Needs some more polishing
  • Spinners look horrible (I know)