21-Nov-2010 14:55 | R.I.P. Squareness

This project actually died silently some years ago.

I stopped using WindowBlinds a long time ago and it’s also a year since I bought a MacBook. So I don’t use Windows much nowadays.

The single Swing-based application that I still use - IntelliJ IDEA - uses it’s own UI elements that don’t work well with custom look and feels. I had tried to make Squareness work well with IDEA but it was a pain and finally I gave up.

So in the last few years there has been no real motivation to work on Squareness anymore. Since I have no reason to believe that the future will change anything in this respect, I officially declare this project as dead.

Squareness has been my first open source project and I had a great time working on it, but it’s time to move on to other endeavors.

08-Dec-2006 20:01 | Squareness Look And Feel 2.3.0

I said Squareness Look And Feel 2.2.0 would be the last release for JDK 1.4 and now here’s 2.3.0.

I have created this release because Johann N. Loefflmann, the creator of NumericalChameleon, pointed out to me that the license I was using till now — Academic Free License — is considered incompatible with the GPL by the FSF. That makes it practically impossible to use any AFL-licensed libraries in GPL projects. So I decided to change to a BSD-style license. This kind of license is compatible with the GPL and at the same time allows commercial products to make use of Squareness Look And Feel. The license also ensures that I get enough credit for being the creator of Squareness.

Besides having a new license there’s also a little new feature in this release — as an incentive to update. Auditory feedback is now possible with Squareness. As with Metal you must explicitly enable it, but now it works. In earlier releases it didn’t. Squareness is using the sounds provided by Metal for now. I think they are OK. I never use auditory feedback myself. I only switch on my speakers when I’m watching some video or listening to some music on the computer. Otherwise they are always off. So I didn’t really know about this feature in Swing, but as the feature request appeared on the tracker and since it was quite easy to add, I included it into this release. Enjoy!

30-Sep-2006 18:09 | Adapted for Internet Explorer 7

I have installed Internet Explorer 7 RC1 on my WinXP box and found that the menus on this site didn’t work right with it. IE 7 now interprets child selectors. So the selector that was formally meant to be read by Firefox and Opera is now also read by IE. Unfortunately the top:auto;left:auto statements are interpreted differently by IE 7.

So now I dropped the child selector and the auto-statements and now the menus look like they looked in IE 6 in all browsers. It’s not that bad. They overlap the menubar items a bit now, but that’s OK. At least it works on all major browsers now.

16-Sep-2006 20:04 | Squareness for WindowBlinds 2.0

Finally it’s here - the UIS2 port. It’s also another attempt at fixing horizontal taskbars.

Besides the port to UIS2 there’s another — visible — feature: The tabs and tab panes now have a color of their own. Although many applications don’t cope very nicely with the background of tab panes — they simply put panes on them that use the window background color as their background —, it’s getting better. Colored tabs are only available for the UIS2 version. There’s also a UIS2 version with the old tabs that don’t use the new color.

The UIS1+ version is now considered legacy and will probably be dropped on the next release.

10-Sep-2006 21:24 | New Server

I’m hosting the Squareness site now on my own domain. It’s way faster than SourceForge and here I can use MovableType which I prefer over WordPress. Static publishing which is supported perfectly by MovableType is faster than WordPress’ dynamic publishing.

All old page addresses are now redirected to the new site. Only for the RSS2 feed I wasn’t able to formulate a working rewrite rule. So you’ll have to add the new feed manually to your news reader. Since now there is a filtered representation of the DevBlog for each part of Squareness there are now also feeds for those parts. Take a look at News Feeds for a complete list of available feeds.

You’ll notice that the site design has also changed with the move to the new domain. It now looks and feels like Squareness. You’ll probably also notice that the tabs on those pages have now a new background color. I came up with that color as I developed the skin for ShapeShifter — a MacOSX theme changer. This new background color will be included in all Squareness skins as the time goes by. The WindowBlinds skin will make the start later this week.

29-Apr-2006 16:29 | UIS2 port

So I finally ported my Wiindowblinds UIS1+ skin to UIS2. It wasn’t very complicated or anything like that. In fact it was quite easy. I wonder why there is no automatic UIS1+ to UIS2 conversion option in SkinStudio like there is for UIS2 to UIS1. The main difference are the frame images. The rest is mostly the same with some of the options just not working in UIS1+.

I’ll be testing the UIS2 version for some more time before finally publishing it. I want to make sure it’s working fine. At least the annoying menu bar bug is nonexistent in the UIS2 version. Well it’s really a shame Stardock apparently isn’t committed to fixing bugs for UIS1+, but that’s like it is.

I haven’t had any negative effects because of switching to UIS2, yet. But I’m only using the port since yesterday evening, so that’s not a guarantee there aren’t any waiting to be discovered.

12-Mar-2006 12:00 | Squareness Look And Feel 2.2.0

This release contains more performance improvements for TabbedPanes and integrates the newest and significantly changed version of Laf_Plugin. It’s also a release that will work with JDK 1.4