08-Dec-2006 20:01 | Squareness Look And Feel 2.3.0

I said Squareness Look And Feel 2.2.0 would be the last release for JDK 1.4 and now here’s 2.3.0.

I have created this release because Johann N. Loefflmann, the creator of NumericalChameleon, pointed out to me that the license I was using till now — Academic Free License — is considered incompatible with the GPL by the FSF. That makes it practically impossible to use any AFL-licensed libraries in GPL projects. So I decided to change to a BSD-style license. This kind of license is compatible with the GPL and at the same time allows commercial products to make use of Squareness Look And Feel. The license also ensures that I get enough credit for being the creator of Squareness.

Besides having a new license there’s also a little new feature in this release — as an incentive to update. Auditory feedback is now possible with Squareness. As with Metal you must explicitly enable it, but now it works. In earlier releases it didn’t. Squareness is using the sounds provided by Metal for now. I think they are OK. I never use auditory feedback myself. I only switch on my speakers when I’m watching some video or listening to some music on the computer. Otherwise they are always off. So I didn’t really know about this feature in Swing, but as the feature request appeared on the tracker and since it was quite easy to add, I included it into this release. Enjoy!

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