10-Sep-2006 21:24 | New Server

I’m hosting the Squareness site now on my own domain. It’s way faster than SourceForge and here I can use MovableType which I prefer over WordPress. Static publishing which is supported perfectly by MovableType is faster than WordPress’ dynamic publishing.

All old page addresses are now redirected to the new site. Only for the RSS2 feed I wasn’t able to formulate a working rewrite rule. So you’ll have to add the new feed manually to your news reader. Since now there is a filtered representation of the DevBlog for each part of Squareness there are now also feeds for those parts. Take a look at News Feeds for a complete list of available feeds.

You’ll notice that the site design has also changed with the move to the new domain. It now looks and feels like Squareness. You’ll probably also notice that the tabs on those pages have now a new background color. I came up with that color as I developed the skin for ShapeShifter — a MacOSX theme changer. This new background color will be included in all Squareness skins as the time goes by. The WindowBlinds skin will make the start later this week.

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