29-Apr-2006 16:29 | UIS2 port

So I finally ported my Wiindowblinds UIS1+ skin to UIS2. It wasn’t very complicated or anything like that. In fact it was quite easy. I wonder why there is no automatic UIS1+ to UIS2 conversion option in SkinStudio like there is for UIS2 to UIS1. The main difference are the frame images. The rest is mostly the same with some of the options just not working in UIS1+.

I’ll be testing the UIS2 version for some more time before finally publishing it. I want to make sure it’s working fine. At least the annoying menu bar bug is nonexistent in the UIS2 version. Well it’s really a shame Stardock apparently isn’t committed to fixing bugs for UIS1+, but that’s like it is.

I haven’t had any negative effects because of switching to UIS2, yet. But I’m only using the port since yesterday evening, so that’s not a guarantee there aren’t any waiting to be discovered.

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