12-Feb-2006 16:12 | Bugfix for Squarness Look & Feel to be Released Soon

Currently I’m working on a bugfix for Squareness Look & Feel. The problem that I try to fix is a fairly rare one but still annoying. It appears in applications that have a JTextArea (with a surrounding JScrollPane) that resides on a JPanel which is a tab component on a JTabbedPane.

Now when you type into that text area enough lines of text to make the vertical scrollbar show up and then type enough characters into the last line to make the horizontal scrollbar show up you can watch a show of indecision. Move your mouse cursor over the tabs of the tabbed pane and you will see how the text area grows a bit losing its scrollbars and again shrinks to regain its scrollbars. I have already succeeded in minimizing the number of repaints on the tabbed pane. But the show of indecision can still be watched each time the mouse cursor leaves one tab and enters another. So the text area isn’t as frantic as before but that’s still not really satisfactory.

I’ll try to make the text area a bit more decisive when returning it’s preferred size. I have still no concrete idea how to achieve that, but I’ll try very hard to find a way.

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