29-Dec-2005 18:29 | Menu Bar Annoyances

Currently I’m waiting for Stardock to fix a really annoying bug, that was somehow introduced in Windowblinds 5. Menu Bars in UIS1+ skins - Squareness is one of those - now have a fixed background color that is independent of the skin itself. The color is a shade of gray with the RGB 212,208,200. It looks especially awful with Squareness’ bright colors.

Fortunately Stardock acknowledged this to be a bug and will probably look into it soon. Before getting this positive answer, I feared I would have to convert Squareness to a UIS2 skin. While UIS1+ is older than UIS2 it has some advantages. It is more stable and faster than UIS2. Also some applications don’t play nice with UIS2 skins. Since Squareness doesn’t have and also doesn’t need any features only available to UIS1+ skins, I’d like Squareness to stay a UIS1+ skin.

So that’s why there’s still no new release of Squareness for Windowblinds. If the bug gets fixed I’ll release the new version that comes with the announced change to the progress bar and yet another try to fix the task bar (This time it seems to work, though ;) )

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