21-Dec-2005 10:21 | JDK 5

The next release of Squareness Look And Feel will be the last major update to the JDK 1.4 version of it. It will integrate the Laf-Plugin which is a nice way to allow the extension of a look and feel for custom Swing components. After that release I will move on to port the look and feel to JDK 5.

You may wonder why porting to JDK 5 is a big deal. In fact the current version of Squareness Look And Feel runs well under JDK 5. With the release of the Synth Look And Feel that allows the definition of a custom look and feel through a XML file, new features were added to the look and feel superclasses also used by Squareness. “Roll Over” effects are available for many components now and some of the superclasses have opened up new extension possibilities. Now it’s possible to change the “previous” and “next” buttons on the TabbedPaneUI without copying the whole code from BasicTabbedPaneUI.

Last but not least there are those nice new language features like Generics that will be used in the port.

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